More and more French people with irregular incomes are deciding to switch to prepaid bank cards. Used most of the time by people who travel very often during the year, these rechargeable cards offer many advantages. We list them for you in our slideshow available below.

The prepaid bank card operates identically to that of so-called “classic” bank cards, with the exception of the account to which it is linked. Indeed, “in the case of a standard bank card, this means of payment is associated with a current account held in a bank while the prepaid bank card is linked to a payment account”, as the detective site explains.

With regard to authorized bank overdraft for prepaid credit cards: it is prohibited. Indeed, it should be noted that these cards do not offer this functionality to their users. If you empty the balance on your card, you will need to top it up before you can use it again. This may displease some people, but also reassure others who are experiencing money management problems. But then what are the other advantages of these cards? We list them in our slideshow below.

In addition, if you wish, it is quite possible to benefit from a prepaid bank card anonymously. However, to have access to its services abroad, you will have to provide your identity document.