Although practical and secure, payment by credit card is one of the favorite targets of scammers. This small rectangle of colored plastic allows them to recover your bank details and, thus, to empty your bank account. And there are many ways to achieve their ends.

Thieves create fraudulent online sites, monitor your actions when you go to the ATM, listen when you communicate your confidential codes… They can also intercept the signal between the payment terminal and your card if you pay by without contact. What to do if you are the victim of a credit card scam?

At the slightest suspicion of fraud, it is necessary to check its payment or card withdrawal transactions. If your fears are verified, you must inform your bank without delay in order to put your card in opposition. For this you can:

You must report the unauthorized transaction without delay since you only have 13 months after the debit to assert your rights and be reimbursed. If your payment is made outside the European Economic Area, the refund period drops to 70 days. To avoid finding yourself in this delicate situation, here are 5 reflexes to have before paying with your bank card to protect yourself from all types of fraud.