Whether you will actually start training to be a fine optometrist, the white Nicole Makarova. After five days in the training workshop of Berliner Glas, the 17-year-old schoolgirl, however, is full of praise for the medium-sized company. It glasses not around, but glass objects for the industry. The working climate is good, praises Makarova. The trainers would support the trainees and are always open for questions. “In other companies, where I did internships for high school students, was part of it, not so,” says the young woman, and told the boss where I pulled the staff back.

Nicole Makarovas work stay at Berlin, glass has organized a social enterprise called One Week Experience. It was founded two years ago by Svanja Kleemann, a graduate of the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. The 31-year-old woman and her Team support companies to find the coveted young talent. “Only a handful of companies are young people as a brand or because they run from time to time, the operation is over,” she says.

600 young people have participated so Far, five days of such an experience lasts. For the program “One Week Apprentice” – there are also “One Week Student” – in addition to Berlin-based glass, among other things, the recycling expert Alba, the energy supplier Gasag and the large bakery Harry in the offer. In total, there are twelve companies, most with headquarters in the capital. The appointment can be agreed with the company during the period of the entire year, unlike in the case of student internships, for certain periods of time as are provided for the longer-term.


talking another difference is the fact that One Week Experience for the company sifts through applications received via the Website, and the communication with the interested parties. Trainees who are already in the business, act as hosts for the young people. The idea behind this is that the young people talk on eye level, the guests do not dare to ask all the questions that you move. “For the apprentices, this is a beautiful thing because you learn responsibility,” says Anett Müller, human resources Manager at Berliner Glas. “It’s fun for you, you Know.”

Nicole Makarova has worked with the 23-year-old trainees, Marie Scholz, a magnifying glass, which was allowed to take it at the end to take home. Scholz has shown her how to Polish glass, has declared the training workshop, you will be in the canteen taken. Stephan Giese, the training since the age of 18 years at the Berlin glass of fine opticians, with the Duo pleased: “Nicole Makarova is hardworking, interested, motivated, reliable, punctual – everything we wish for,” he says. An application for an Apprenticeship, nothing to the contrary.

Berliner Glas 27 young people between the ages of 16 and 26 years of fine opticians is currently. It takes three and a half years. Subsequently, the operation wants to take you. Elsewhere, you have good chances of getting a permanent position. Rosy Outlook. But Anett Müller says: “We need to do a lot more than ten years ago, to get applications. Every year, we are stepping up our measures.“