In mainland France, the decrease in incidence and positivity rates was observed in the majority of departments, as indicated by Santé Publique France, in its report of April 26, 2023. Despite everything, certain territories remain affected by the Covid epidemic. , even if the various rates have relatively fallen for some time now. Covid has been out of the news for the wrong reasons lately. Indeed, as announced by the Minister of Health, François Braun, unvaccinated caregivers have learned good news.

Caregivers who had been suspended for lack of a complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19 will be reinstated. This is the announcement made by François Braun on Thursday March 30, 2023.

This decision follows the publication of a recommendation from the High Authority for Health (HAS) to lift the vaccination obligation for caregivers and other professionals concerned, in force since autumn 2021, in the face of a favorable epidemic context. Several thousand health professionals, including caregivers, nurses and other hospital workers, had been suspended after refusing to comply with this obligation.

“These carers are going to be reintegrated. In recent weeks, I have brought together all the stakeholders, because I want the reintegration to take place, but in good conditions”, explains the Minister of Health as part of a trip to the Marne, this Friday, April 28, 2023. These last words were taken up in the edition of this Monday, May 1 by Le Parisien.

As the map updated by Covid Tracker for the week of April 24 shows, 11 departments still have an incidence rate at a percentage higher than 5%. Discover in our slideshow below, which territories are concerned and what is their incidence rate.