Covid-19, vaccination, mask… François Braun’s announcements


Will the ninth wave ruin the holidays? The Covid-19 is once again being talked about as Christmas approaches, after having been somewhat forgotten in recent months. According to the latest figures from Santé Publique France, 71,000 new cases have been recorded in France as of December 8 and the average incidence rate is 597 per 100,000 inhabitants. More worryingly, the indicators are also on the rise at the hospital, where caregivers are already facing an epidemic of influenza and bronchiolitis.

If it is less severe than last year, because there is no question of reconfiguring the French or imposing restrictions on them for Christmas and New Year’s Day, the government begins to bang its fist on the table . The Minister of Health François Braun held his first press conference on the pandemic this Friday, December 9, a baptism of fire which the emergency doctor would have done well. For almost an hour, alongside the president of Covars Brigitte Autran, he took stock of the health situation and sounded the alarm.

With nearly 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in France, the virus is circulating at high speed. While some territories still escape the red alert, others are already in a critical situation while the holidays have not taken place. . Should we expect a new rebound after Christmas? This is precisely what worries the government, which knows very well that the French will meet for New Year’s Eve. It is for this reason that François Braun wanted to send a message to the French and mentioned new measures. Here’s what to take away from his speech.