Covid-19: these departments where cases continue to increase after the peak of the 9th wave


Tuesday, December 20, Public Health France still noted 71,212 positive cases for the virus in less than 24 hours. A number that should call for vigilance. The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne encouraged the French to wear the mask in closed places and to be vaccinated… but this is not necessarily seen on a daily basis.

However, the figures are there, well above the thresholds set by the health authorities: 566.3 contaminations per 100,000 inhabitants were recorded in one week nationally between December 11 and 17.

But fortunately, the first vaccination and the third dose changed the situation. The Court of Auditors underlined this in a report made public on December 14. “We could live with it if the level of mortality was at the level of the flu. However, the mortality linked to Covid is 4 to 5 times higher than for the flu”, alarms the Swiss epidemiologist and director of the Global Institute of Geneva, Antoine Flahault, with our colleagues from Capital.

And the year 2022 ends with five epidemic waves compared to two in 202 and 2021. “We have seen a clear acceleration of the pandemic for a year. Almost everyone has been contaminated by Omicron. everything about an end to the pandemic”, analyzes Antoine Flahault.

Below are the departments where cases continue to increase.