Unlike a large part of the French, the Covid-19 does not take leave. The circulation of the virus has been more and more intense for a few weeks while almost all health restrictions are now a distant memory.

On Tuesday June 5, the bar of 200,000 new confirmed cases was exceeded since a total of 206,554 people tested positive that day. This represents a considerable increase of 40.3% in seven days, according to the latest data from Public Health France.

If these figures are worrying, the incidence rate is just as worrying since it increased by 55.2% in one week, reaching 1,141.1 on July 2.

The level of hospitalization linked to Covid-19 has doubled compared to last year. If it was 7,000 in mid-June 2021, it is now close to 14,400 today, details Midi Libre.

Faced with this dazzling return of the epidemic, the new Minister of Health and Prevention, François Braun, spoke on the subject at the opening of a discussion on the bill “of monitoring and health security” before the National Assembly.

“The Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants, which are now the majority strains, are causing an epidemic resurgence throughout the territory,” he explained.

The former emergency doctor believes that the virus “circulates more and faster, we must protect the population and ensure the impact of this recovery on the health system”. He took the opportunity to clarify the government’s strategy on the subject.