“The pandemic is over”. This was assured by Joe Biden, the President of the United States, on the American channel CBS. “If you look around, no one is wearing a mask, and everyone looks pretty good. So I think that’s changing,” he then justified.

However, he does not declare the end of the virus and puts it into perspective all the same by assuring: “We still have a problem with the Covid-19. We are still working on it a lot. But the pandemic is over.

For experts, this statement seems problematic. It would even be “counterproductive, especially before winter, because if we don’t take special measures such as wearing a mask, doing a booster dose, we will continue to have high mortality”, reacted Antoine Flahault epidemiologist and director of the Geneva Institute of Global Health, reports Yahoo.

At the same time, in France, the Minister of Health was less optimistic. “We have been seeing for a week to ten days a recovery in the indicators, rather on the rise”, he thus warned Monday, September 19 at the microphone of France inter, while ensuring that it was still too early to say. that it is already the beginning of the eighth wave”.

However, over the past seven days, the incidence rate has drastically increased in most French regions. In hospitals, some departments have seen the number of beds occupied by patients with Covid-19 increase in recent days. But others manage, conversely, to maintain a relatively low occupancy rate. Here are which ones in the slideshow below.