Covid-19: the 12 departments better vaccinated than the national average


Eighth wave, new variant… The Covid-19 did not take a vacation this summer, and its return to school is likely to be eventful. In the columns of Le Parisien, Brigitte Autran, president of the Committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks, erects the scenario of an epidemic resumption this fall as being the most probable.

“We are not diviners, but it is almost certain that there will be a wave in the fall. Today, we must move towards living with it. Be careful, this does not mean accepting the dead or the seriousness of the disease. On the contrary. And to avoid them, there are still levers to activate”, she explains to our colleagues.

What are the famous levers mentioned by the expert, exactly? The professor of immunology regrets, among other things, that there are still too many people who are not vaccinated or not revaccinated. A problem that all corners of France probably do not have, given the strong disparities in the vaccination rate.

In our slideshow below, find out which are the 12 departments that are pulling France up, with a rate of population having received a dose of vaccine against Covid-19 higher than the national average. The figures provided are based on Covid Tracker data as of August 23, 2022. For information, the partial vaccination rate nationwide is 81.40%.