Irreducible departments still and always resist the seventh wave. For the past month, the new cases of covid recorded in France have been dangerously increasing, leading to a seventh epidemic recovery in the light of the summer holidays and raising the possibility of a return to the compulsory mask in public transport. But there is still hope: if the epidemic recovery is marked mainly throughout the country, some departments can still avoid it.

According to the latest data published by Public Health, 24,418 new cases were recorded on Monday July 4 and 173 patients died from covid-19. The incidence rate is 1098 and the replication rate is 1.4. 944 emergency visits have taken place in the past seven days and 100% of DNA sequencing of the virus is attributed to Omicron. High rates which raise the occupancy rate of intensive care beds to 19.24% across the country as of July 4.

This rate of occupancy of beds in intensive care is monitored very closely by the public authorities because its evolution allows it to know the departments where hospital tension is the most present. Indeed, the distribution of the latter is uneven throughout the territory. This is an essential indicator for the government, which can take all useful measures to contain the disease and avoid hospital overloads. Here are the departments where the evolution of the occupancy rate of intensive care beds is relatively low according to Covid Tracker.