Following David-Mario’s death, a woman was arrested under the Mental Health Act. She is suspected of murder. Cristina and Dorinel, his parents, said that the youngster was their “all of our hearts and all of our love and was everything to us both.”

Five-year-old victim of stabbing has been described by his parents as “the most beautiful child in all the world”.

David-Mario Lazar was known to his friends and family as Mario. He was found at Earlsdon in Coventry with severe injuries just before 6pm Tuesday.

The victim died instantly. A post mortem examination revealed that he had suffered a stab injury.

Cristina and Dorinel, his parents, stated in a statement that he was “our son, he he the most beautiful child in this world.”

Police say that a 49-year old woman was arrested under suspicion of David-Mario’s death and has been taken into custody under the Mental Health Act.

The family knew her and the boy was with her at the time.

The property is still sealed off. Investigations are ongoing.

Superintendent Ronan Tyrer from Coventry Police said that “our investigation continues into the deeply sad death of David Mario.

“Our specialists officers are supporting his parents, and we can’t comprehend their grief. We are thinking of them.

David-Mario’s school was notified and is in contact with parents and carers for their pupils. This young boy’s tragic death shocked and saddened the community.

“We urge everyone to refrain from sharing or speculating on social media, as this could lead to further distress for the family.”