The idea was brilliant. The empty court in the Wiesbaden city centre should be renovated and the headquarters of a private Law School. But the Plan didn’t work. As Christopher Jahns, the former President of EBS University for business and law, at 4. April 2011 opened in the morning at half past six in pajamas, the door of his apartment in Frankfurt’s Ostend district, the chief public Prosecutor Gabriele-owner, with three armed officers and a warrant in front of him. Thus, a development took place which in an unprecedented failure of the Hessian of justice has culminated.

Just one of the methods has set the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt now. It was directed against the former leadership of the private University. For nearly five years, the accused had to live with the unauthorized charge to have tax money used for the intended purpose. These investigations have taken far too long may be at first sight a matter for the Judiciary. For the procedure in the state of Hesse, on average, more time is required than in other countries, must deal with the responsible Minister.

In addition, there are a second procedure, which is still not completed. Jahns was also made because of alleged infidelity towards his University in the process. The Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU), a lawyer by profession and notary public, compared the investigation in a confidential meeting of his parliamentary group with the “conditions in Putin-Land”. A little later, the Land was condemned because of the prejudice of the accused by the Prosecutor’s office for payment of damages for Pain and suffering.