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No one, but two female portraits of the great Rubens is to be released this week in London. The first of them out today to auction Sotheby’s . It is a portrait that had remained in one family’s collection for nearly 140 years, and whose estimate ranges between 2.5 and 3.5 million pounds , after attributed to Rubens after removing the layers of dirt and varnish on the canvas. is “Portrait of a lady” (oil on canvas, by 110.2 x 82 cm) was exhibited at the Royal Academy in London in 1880, 1894 and 1902 as an original work of Rubens (it was believed that the model, of about 25 years, could be your wife or your sister-in-law, but has not been able to identify your identity). Andrew Fletcher, head of department of Sotheby’s of Old Painting, says that its origins had been forgotten. The box belonged to Hugh Munro of Novar (1797-1864), a voracious collector of old masters and the greatest patron of J. M. W. Turner. Also went through the collection of Charles Butler, whose descendants sold it. Over the years, the work lost its pedigree. In 2017 it sold for 78.000 pounds. It was catalogued as the work of the studio of Rubens .

the current owner had the hope that it would be a genuine Rubens, so he took the painting to Sotheby’s for the experts to analyze. “I was pretty dirty with old varnish , but when it cleared it revealed this Rubens’s wonderful,” says Fletcher. In his opinion, “one of the things that helps to demonstrate the originality of a painting, instead of being a copy, are the regrets of the artist. There are changes in the sky and the outline of the dress of the lady. There are also, to a lesser extent, in the fingers and hands of the woman.” The portrait, depicting a young woman in a black dress and a layer, that is, to Andrew Fletcher, ” very majestic . The lady has a wonderful presence. I love the way you look by the corner of my eye, smiling a small smile”. Experts warn of similarities between this portrait and that of Anne of Austria, which hangs in the Prado Museum.

commissioned by the duke of Mantua

Tomorrow is the living room Christie’s which goes on sale this “Portrait of a young girl”, half-length, holding a chain (oil on canvas, 85,5 x 66 cm). It is believed that it was commissioned to the painter by Vincenzo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua (1562-1612), to your Gallery of Beauties . Then there would be collections of Venice and Wales, to reach the hands of its owner in 2009.

This powerful portrait is an early work Rubens (dated to 1603-06), painted during the years he was in Italy or in his first trip to Spain. It shows the loose brushwork and energetic the artist, which adds a sense of modernity to the work. It could be an unfinished painting or a sketch painted quickly for a portrait more finished. It is, according to the specialists at Christie’s, “one of the recent discoveries of the most exciting in the production of portrait-like of Rubens. Your estimate: 4-6 million pounds . It was exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, on loan, from 2010 to 2019. And since September of that year until the 1st of the month of march could be seen in the Ducal Palace in Venice as part of the exhibition “From Titian to Rubens. Masterpieces from Antwerp and other collections flemish”.

In may 1600, Rubens travelled to Italy, where it was presented in Venice by Vincenzo Gonzaga, duke of Mantua, who appointed him Court painter. A position that gave him many opportunities to travel: Rome, Florence, Madrid, Valladolid or Genoa, where he painted large altarpieces for important churches and senior portraits. In march of 1603, the duke sent Rubens on a diplomatic mission to Spain with gifts and paintings to King Philip III. It is possible that this portrait was conceived during this time. Marieke de Winkel has identified the dress of the young model with the Spanish fashion of the era . It is believed that it is very possible that this work was a study for a portrait that he intended to paint on his return to Mantua.

Detail of self-portrait of Rembrandt – SOTHEBY’S

But it is not only Rubens all that glitters in the auctions this week in London. Sotheby’s pulls on sale today one of only three self-portraits of Rembrandt that remain in the hands private . Your estimate: 12-16 million pounds . The others are in private hands, one was sold at Sotheby’s London in 2003 and belongs to the collection of Leiden in New York, while the other is in a long-term loan at the National Gallery of Scotland. In the box that now goes on sale, “self Portrait with lechuguilla and hat” (by 21.8 x 16.3 cm), signed and dated in 1632, appears the master flamenco to 26 years , dressed in black, with a felt hat and a large collar of white lace. Not attributed to Rembrandt until 1996, after an analysis which showed that had been carried out in the same oak wood from the Baltic to the support of a portrait that the painter had made of his friend, Maurits Huygens , according to Afp. This self-portrait was exhibited in the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam in 1997 and two years later, in the National Gallery in London and the Mauritshuis in The Hague.

No teacher old is so instantly recognizable as a Rembrandt. Is autorretrató in a variety of moods, and even disguised, in a eighty paintings, prints and drawings , in a self-examination, relentless , since he was a young ambitious and sure of himself for 22 years, until an old man of 63.

The Leegenhoek acquired this box in 1970 by 650 pounds. It had hung on a wall of the kitchen of his home in Paris and, subsequently, led him to the art gallery. They were convinced that it was an authentic Rembrandt, but they could not prove it, according to “The Telegraph”. According to George Gordon, of Sotheby’s, the formal attire, is rare among the dozens of self-portraits of the artist, suggests that maybe you wanted to be with you look your best while you courted her who was to become his muse and wife, Saskia , in order to convince her parents that it was a good candidate. Rembrandt painted after it is installed in Amsterdam, so its purpose could also be to be to serve as a business card and show to your potential customers the flourishing situation of the painter.