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The episode delayed traffic

A semi-truck fire forced the closing of a Colorado interstate if its contents — countless lemons — spilled out on the eastbound lane.

“I-70 EB is shut while firefighters extinguish the flame. Cleanup of this semi and freight will be extended thus anticipate delays,” that the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) composed in a tweet after the Jefferson County episode on Wednesday. “The driver is fine as well as the truck was hauling lemons”

They stated that overheated brakes because of an error by the motorist had begun the fire.

KDVR reported that firefighters were working to put out the beating a half an hour after it began and CSP explained they began reopening the region at 4:40 p.m.

Delays lasted through the day, even as two ships started.

But, CSP afterwards tweeted that the ideal lane could”stay closed for an elongated period.”

KMGH reported that lanes had surfaced before 9 p.m., though CSP noticed that cleanup would last on Thursday.

The bureau noted that the lemon toilet fire had happened in the exact same place as an April 2019 semi-truck episode which left four dead following the driver lost his brakes and crashed right into traffic.