Counter-proposal to the care initiative – training offensive nursing care professions stärkenDa the proportion of older people in the population increases, it needs more qualified staff. For the implementation of a billion francs are to be available.5 Kommentare5Der draft law on the training and the competencies that the profession upgrade.Photo: Keystone

With a training campaign, and the new competences of the Council of States wants to strengthen the nursing profession. He has approved on Wednesday an indirect counter-proposal to the care initiative. The cost for the Federal government amount to approximately 400 million Swiss francs.

The national Council had approved the amendment to the act in the winter session. The proportion of older people to take, there is a need for more qualified nursing staff, said Erich Ettlin (CVP/OW) in the Council of States. Today, almost half of the personnel abroad should be recruited. The need for action was largely undisputed.

Unison treble, the Speakers had spoken in the Council of States, the services of the nursing staff during the Corona-crisis. “My appreciation is enormous,” said Ettlin. However, during the applause, it should not remain: we Now need action, called Maya Graf (Green/BL).

More responsibility

Concrete measures, the Council of States decided on the basis of an indirect counter-proposal to care initiative, the health Commission of the national Council had drawn up. The draft law starts with the training and skills to the profession to upgrade.

is A Central concern of the initiators that you can settle Nourishing their services independently, to the detriment of health insurance. In the area there was a loosening. In most cases, it takes but still, an arrangement of the doctor. The national Council is the Care in this point, contrary to come. What services can you provide on his own account, the Federal Council lays down.

The Council of States established an additional condition to the advanced skills: only those Nursing professionals, home health care organizations and nursing homes, which have concluded with the insurers prior agreement is intended to benefit. It was a limitation of the Contractual obligation, criticized Marina Carobbio Guscetti (SP/TI). The initiators could not be moved to retreat.

A minority fought the possibility for direct settlement, mainly because of the feared additional costs. These are estimated at about 100 million Swiss francs. Health Minister Alain Berset also warned against Overburdening of the system, if thousands could settle additional service providers to the detriment of the health insurance companies.

support during training

not even the councils are in agreement about the training posts. The national Council wants to oblige the cantons, budding maintenance professionals to contribute to the cost of living. The depth of the training wage is considered to be one of the reasons for the small number of degrees. The Confederation shall support the cantons for eight years, the cost is estimated at 200 million francs.

The Council of States has also supported the training support, but only narrowly, with 23 to 22 votes. In other Professions there is a lack of young talent, said Josef Dittli (FDP/UR), had requested the deletion. Unlike the national Council, the small chamber decided, however, that the cantons should not be obliged to make such contributions. Due to the voluntary nature of the costs for the Federal government are expected to amount to just 100 million Swiss francs.

it is Undisputed that the obligation of Training for hospitals, nursing homes and spitex organisations. Thus, the obligation of the cantons to Finance the service providers for the uncovered costs of the practical training, at least in part, is associated. You will be supported by the Federal government for eight years.

call for better conditions

In the Version of the Council of States, the cost of the indirect amount counter-proposal for the Federal government to approximately 400 million Swiss francs for eight years, of which 369 million for the support of the cantons. The national Council of an estimated 100 million Swiss francs and more. Together with the Canton of contributions up to a billion francs were thus available. According to Ettlin that would allow an increase in the number of diplomas from 2700 to 4300 per year.

In the overall vote, the Council of States adopted the indirect counter-proposal, with 36 votes to 4 2 in. The bill goes back to the national Council. To the popular initiative “For a strong care” (care initiative) has not acted, the Council of States yet. The national Council rejects this.

With the Initiative of the professional Association of nurses and Care professionals (SBK) wants to promote in the Constitution that the Confederation and the cantons care as an important part of healthcare. In addition, the attractiveness of the caring professions should be increased.

(SDA / step)

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