In the world of cinema and entertainment in general, celebrities remain very discreet on subjects that are still taboo such as having recourse to cosmetic surgery. Clémentine Célarié, who became known to the general public thanks to the film 37°2 the morning, decided to have cosmetic surgery because he no longer liked his physique.

Asked by Catherine Ceylac in the columns of Gala, the successful actress returned to this episode of her life. “I thought my physique was also an injustice. I felt so ugly. I had a terrible nose. I really had a rotten adolescence. Then, and I had recourse to cosmetic surgery and it completely changed my life, she explains. I slimmed down and finally felt pretty. All of a sudden, men looked at me differently. I liked them, ”she explained in November 2019. In her book The Forbidden Words, released on November 4, 2021, the actress also confided in her rhinoplasty: “I wanted to buy myself a piece of femininity to feel watched (…) I bought myself a nose like a passport to be an actress. I unconsciously changed my destiny. I became more “pretty”.

With the passing years, the actress tries somehow to keep in shape by imposing a discipline on her diet and her rhythm of life. Me, I want to be thin and I’m also on a perpetual diet.”, before adding: “On a diet all year round to feel beautiful, alive and always in the process of becoming (…) I also find that people my age eat too much. Age requires rigor,” she said.

Today, the interpreter of Les Misérables, seems happier than ever. Which was not the case a few years ago since the star was the victim of domestic violence from one of his former companions. Returned today, she does not hesitate to speak on several television sets.

With her legendary outspokenness, actress Clémentine Célarié confided to the microphone of Europe 1 in October 2019 that she had been the victim of domestic violence. She also revealed that she did not dare to file a complaint against her companion at the time.

“I experienced that. I was the victim of domestic violence (…) I was not in mortal danger but it was still far (…) But I would never have been complained”, she said . A complex situation for the star “because it is linked to a romantic relationship, because some time later, the man you love cries in your arms, telling you that he will never do it again”.

The actress was the companion of bassist Henri Dialo. From this love was born her first child, a boy named Abraham Diallo, who in turn became a musician. After their separation, Clémentine Célarié finds love again in the arms of Belgian director Christophe Reichert. The two lovebirds become the happy parents of two children: Gustave, in 1989 and Balthazar, in 1991.

Separated since then, the star would have since found love again, as she explained to Gala in November 2019: “When I have a lover, it increases my energy tenfold. It helps me do the somersault! Well, I tell you: right now, I’m in love! He is not in the business, I knew him twenty years ago and I see him again today. He is less demonstrative than me, but he sends me sweet words before I go on stage. It does me a lot of good to have someone who thinks of me, he’s my ally. So, I try not to suffocate him! (…) . When you’re in the arms of a man you love, you’re twenty, damn it! I do not understand this fixation on age”, she said.

On the occasion of the promotion of his book The Words defended, available since November 4, 2021, the actress Clémentine Célarié was the guest of Dominique Tenzo at the microphone of RTL Petit Matin. During this interview, the actress fought for colon cancer for several months and is now in remission.

“I said to myself, hey, we have to make a medicine, and I said to myself: ‘I’m going to write this book, because I needed to speak to someone’, to speak to the public as to a boyfriend, or a confidant“, she explained. The star wanted to tell her truth about cancer through this book. “It’s not because we say we had cancer that someone will catch it. There are people who are afraid of that. It’s not because we have cancer that we die: sometimes people look at you as if you were dead, but no, we’re not dead, we’re here and that’s it (…) That’s why, the truth, I wanted to say it all. And the truth, it makes you move forward. In any case, I needed it. If we stay in hypocrisy, of course we risk nothing but it’s a shame because it doesn’t help to heal. The truth can heal,” she said.

Guest of Frédéric Lopez on the program Un dimanche à la campagne on March 5, 2023, actress Clémentine Célarié spoke about her complicated financial situation.

“Right now, it’s completely broke. But it’s okay, I have friends who lend me money. I don’t know how to manage with money,” she said and added: ” A nanny who sticks you with hours that she has never worked, who puts 80,000 euros in your face for things… A mean publisher who makes you believe that thing… And then there is also my record which was withdrawn from the bins because he paid no one, finally the horror (…) In short! I do not look at my accounts. I work all the time and a lot for nothing often. I talk about it freely because the actors never talk about money and we always believe that actors are stuffed with money and are in thalasso”.

Invited on the show En aparté on Canal, the actress Clémentine Célarié had once again mentioned her financial situation, she who revealed “renting a very small thing, near Montmartre”. “I praise me. And with the Covid, I had cancer, all that at the same time … It means that there is no more money!”, She declared and to add that the rest of the year, she had put down her suitcases in Lagny-sur-Marne: “It’s a charming little town, where the people are adorable. I’m a bit there because part of my family is there, and for first economic reasons, then beauty”.