Andy Puzder claims that woke corporations are afraid to use him

Andy Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants, argued Monday on “Mornings With Maria” that corporate America “seems missing” the chance to use NBA player Enes Kant Freedom. He has been pushing back against China and other athletes who are like him in ads.

ANDY PUZDER : I wish I was still running a business so I could go out and use him as a spokesman in an ad.

CKE Restaurants was my first venture. I tried to do something different from our main competitors because that’s how you differentiate yourself.

This guy is appealing to almost half the country. But the woke corporations are afraid to employ him. They don’t want to use people like him.

I can recall a woman who won the Olympics gold medal as a wrestler. She came out carrying the American flag and speaking patriotically. That was the moment I thought, “I wish I could run a company now to use her in an advertisement i>

These are the types of people you can use in your ad. A lot of Americans will support what they’re saying. Corporate America seems to be lacking this aspect.