Coronavirus in South America – The former drug hell defies the Coronavirus, Latin America has become the center of the pandemic. But there are also success stories: The Colombian city of Medellín has curbed the Coronavirus largely to a controversial App. Simon Widmer0 KommentareEin police officer in Medellin’s city center, next to a Statue of Fernando Botero, on the mask, “I’ll take care of Medellín”. The Slogan of a campaign, be stopped with the people to Mask. Photo: Luis Benavides/AP

While in Europe, the “new normality” has returned, wreaking havoc with the Coronavirus in Latin America. In Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru, and the case grows rapidly. However, there are in the stricken Region, a little-noticed success story.

Medellín, is the second in size city in Colombia, has curbed the lung disease has so far been largely. The metropolis with two and a half million inhabitants, has cases, according to the latest Figures of the regional administration of nearly 900 registered Corona. So far only 4 people have succumbed to the Virus. Bogotá, the capital, has recorded about 400 deaths. In comparison to other cities in the Region, Medellín is even better: In Rio de Janeiro over 7700 people have died of the Virus, in the Peruvian capital, Lima, 3000 people have succumbed to the new pathogen.

With Big Data against the Virus

There are factors that facilitate the fight against the Coronavirus in Medellín. Health care is expanded for Colombian conditions. Also travel less foreigners than in Buenos Aires or São Paulo. Nevertheless, Medellín shares many problems with other cities in the Region. The metropolis in the North-West is inhabited for the most part sealing. In the narrow streets and squares in the centre, a seller of fruit, soccer Jersey and DVD-piracy crowd. During peak times, the Metro is overloaded notoriously. In the slums on the hills, the people, Social Distancing, and home-Stay actually can not afford.

Medellin’s mayor Daniel Quintero informed between two of the Botero statues on the fight against the Virus. Photo: Keystone

it is Precisely here that has mayor Daniel Quintero stated. With the App “Medellin me cuida” (“Medellín care about me”) are not citizens can register their need for social assistance and food packages, so you have to go to the city centre. According to the news Agency AP have registered 1.3 million families from Medellín and the surrounding area.

In return, the government collects with the App data, which should help to fight the Virus. User should specify with whom you are living together, whether or not you have symptoms, and under what pre-existing conditions you suffer from. People are under the Corona of suspicion, to be tested at home by professionals. “Medellin is the city in Latin America who knows the most about your residents,” said mayor Daniel Quintero, compared to AP. It could not be doubted that the data would be used with the right intent, so Quintero.

A local politician criticizes lack of privacy

The local MP, Daniel Duque Velasquez looks different. He criticizes especially that the use of the App is so voluntary, as officially he argued. Known cases in which employees asked had been be to download the App, to be allowed to work after the Lockdown resume, he says on the phone. Also, the Metro was allowed to enter, only those who “have downloaded Medellin me cuida”.

the privacy policy is flawed. It is not legally defined exactly which data would be needed and what officials would have access to it. Also it was not guaranteed that citizens could delete your data. “It is not inconceivable that the data will be later used by the government is unfair,” he says.

Criticized the lack of privacy: Daniel Duque Velasquez photo: zvgDie drug clichés are outdated, refer to

in view of the history of Medellin’s this, but almost as a luxury problem. The city suffered for 15 years under the Terror of drug Baron Pablo Escobar had spread. The murder rate was in the 90s, up to 380 cases per 100’000 inhabitants. Probably never even been to a city that was not in the war was so dangerous. Even after a special command, Escobar was shot in 1993, were raging succession battles. In the 2000s, the Situation improved, after the then-President Alvaro Uribe was taken to the military against organized crime.

the bloody history of The city was privatized in the Netflix series “Narcos” novel. The inhabitants suffer greatly from the drug and Escobar clichés that reverberate to this day. Because today, Medellín is a model in the Region – also new in the Corona-control. Daniel Duque Velasquez mentioned in addition to the policy for another reason: the civic culture, the vagina Medellín from other cities. The people would support and abide by the rules. “I am very proud of our city,” he says.

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