Corona-survey, episode 5 – running Corona?Normality is back, largely, the Virus to get banned or how do you assess the Situation? With you on the last Community survey on the Coronavirus.Philippe Zweifel0 KommentareDie beautiful days in the Post-Corona-the early summer: Bäckeranlage in Zurich.Photo: Dominique Meienberg

swimming pools and Discos open mountain Railways run to a schedule, the garden party is allowed to rise, and cultural events are possible: The Federal Council has eased in recent days and weeks, surprisingly fast Corona-measures. Do you agree? And how Corona will dominate in the longer term, the company? We would like to bring in the last episode of the regular readers survey experience, we have created, in cooperation with the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI). Of course, you take part in it anonymously. The results are not representative, we publish soon at this point.

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