Corona propagation in Zurich – city Epidemiologist for homes for the aged to relieve a To the hospitals, were laid Covid patients in nursing homes. It came to many dead? An expert should provide clarity.0 comment rhyme care center miter wood were treated with external patients.Photo: Sabina Bobst

130 persons died in the Canton of Zurich on the Coronavirus. More than half of them were residents of care centres. The majority of the centres have been cut off from the outside world, in the other two, however, a special Isolation ward was set up for external Covid patients. Harmless, says the city, the departments were completely separated.

Corona-Ill in homes for the aged relocated

A Search of the Republic, however, raises questions: In the care of the centre belong to wood, one of these centres, with isolation station for external Covid-fell Ill, it came to numerous contagions outside of the special Department. Of the total of 24 reported cases of death it was 21 dead, long-time residents of the home and not to external patients, reported the online magazine. Pikant: The Virus began to spread only after external patients had been included.

The town denies a connection between the isolation Department, and the contagions in the remaining part of the nursing home. “You bring things up that have nothing to do with each other,” said Gabriela Bieri, chief physician at the Geriatric service of the city of Zurich, to the “Republic”. The normal station and isolation station would operate separately.

a specialist employed

Now it wants to know the city, but still it’s like. An Epidemiologist is to investigate the contagion chain, according to the SRF regional journal. “You look exactly which residents are in which room has been sick and who had contact with each other,” said Bieri in the Radio Interview. With the Research of the “Republic” have nothing to do. “We would cure if there is another outbreak again Covid-Sick on such a special departments.” The city had done everything correctly, the Virus did not spread because of the isolation station in centers of care, the chief doctor.


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