Corona-infections in Kurdish areas alone gestelltIn Syria’s North-East arrived the Virus. The WHO can help in these areas outside of government control, hardly. Moritz Baumstieger1 Kommentar1In Hasakah died at the beginning of April the first Patient in the Syrian Kurdish areas to Covid-19. International security forces try to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus curb.Photo: BaderKhan Ahmad ()

Still, the number of Corona cases in the de facto autonomously governed Kurdish areas in the North-East of Syria is small. However, these areas are exemplary, as the international System of Emergency and health structures pushes the aid in the case of non-recognised State political boundaries: the world health organization (WHO) and several other aid organizations, the single point of contact, however, the Regime of ruler Bashar al-Assad. The WHO can only ask, in the Prevention and treatment of Covid-19-Sick to think of the citizens who live in areas outside of government control.

this is Why the Region, which comprises almost a third of Syrian territory is blatantly under – with both medical equipment and information: Until the end of last week about the self-administration learned that in their areas a long time, the first Corona-Dead was detected: A 53-Year-old had been admitted at the end of March in the city of Hasakah in a hospital, where Doctors took a swab and, in the absence of its own laboratories to Damascus sent. As the man at the 2. April died, had been found in the Syrian capital, a Corona virus infection. Damascus-informed, WHO, in consequence, nothing happened but more than eleven days.

the Dilemma of WHO

The reason had been “internal problems and misunderstandings”, which is why the local authorities have not been informed as long, said Rick Brennan, of the WHO emergency coordinator for the Eastern Mediterranean. The example shows a Dilemma, in the the WHO in relation to areas such as those of the Kurdish self-government is: Namely, the approximately 5 million residents are not able to be there, WHO no matter, especially as hundreds of thousands live as refugees under catastrophic hygienic conditions. Against their articles of Association to the government of Syria over the organization can’t work but also, finally, she is a formal member, and therefore contact.

Other international non-recognised States – e.g. separatist areas in Eastern Europe have a similar issue with Russia, however, a protection that allows for the transport of goods, and at least a little medical help. In the North-East of Syria, the situation is even more complicated. Turkey is no relief goods across the border, the movement of goods from the regime areas is limited and the only open border crossing to Iraq to help hardly comes.

After all has been rebuilt using the Red Crescent, a warehouse to a hospital for Covid-19-patients, and within two weeks of 120 beds have been created. Otherwise, only 26 of the past 279 medical care points work in the Region, would be a mass contagion, however, fatal.

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