Corona in Israel – The Minister of health, the government ansteckteJaakov Litzman is the reason why Israel’s government is currently working in the Home Office. Due to its ultra-Orthodox faith, he adheres to the rules.Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, Tel Aviv0 make comment many Litzman for the spread of the Virus in ultra-Orthodox municipalities are responsible. Photo: Keystone/Jack Guez/Pool via AP

In Israel, the Minister of health is responsible for ensuring that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen had to stay in home quarantine. As Jaakov Litzman and his wife Chava were tested last week, a positive Corona, so that all the spring are the leader in the fight against the Virus in Israel, can now only work from home.

For Litzman had to be a connection to the Internet is organized, because as a strictly Orthodox Jew, he rejected the use of modern technologies in the past. A mobile phone he used already, so that the domestic Bet secret service, the Shin for him, as is the case with all of the Infected in Israel, a movement was able to create a profile. Who was him, was asked to go for two weeks in quarantine. The many brothers of the faith met. According to eyewitnesses, Litzman also went to Pray in the synagogue, as he led the Ministry had prohibited, due to risk of Infection this long. As the only politician he had denied at the swearing-in of the Knesset three weeks ago, the fever measurement.

The 71-Year-old is a member of the Hasidic movement, Eng. He leads the party, United Torah Judaism, which is committed to a stronger influence of the Torah and of Jewish law. Is born Litzman in Germany in 1948 in a displaced persons camp, his parents Holocaust were Survivors from Poland. When he was two years old, emigrated the family to the United States. There Litzman grew up in the New York neighbourhood of Borough Park – a center of strictly religious Jews. At the age of 17 he went because of the religion studies in Israel.

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an accused Because he is a Rabbi a question was asked, he rose in 1999, as a Knesset member in the policy. 2015 Litzman, Minister of health was. For international hit the headlines in the five fold father of a family of his Belgian colleague, Mrs Onkelinx had refused to Laurette the handshake. In his home Litzman and now finds itself with calls for his resignation faced – but because the police recommends charges against him. Because he should have prevented the extradition of an alleged child abuser to Australia and is confronted also with a further indictment for bribery.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (l.) held on to the advice of his ultra-Orthodox Minister Yaakov Litzman.Photo: Kestone/Jack Guez/

66 percent of the Israelis are with his work during the corona of a crisis, dissatisfied. A lot of people make him responsible for the fact that the Coronavirus could spread in ultra-Orthodox communities rapidly. As in the whole country, the schools had to close down, open remained the synagogues, nor in a week. Litzman was this exception against the advice of the experts in his own Ministry and Netanyahu added, how often, if ultra challenge Orthodox Minister of something.

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The result is that Almost half of the 8900-Infected ultra-Orthodox have their share of the population that makes up only twelve per cent. Because the community from the outside world by isolating himself and only in exceptional cases, advanced technologies may be used, some to know about the new rules. Not all rabbis are the information passed on. A part of the ultra-Orthodox refusing to furthermore simply recognize the state of Israel, and ignored the government’s decisions. In the Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Schearim police officers and medical personnel were attacked, the Corona-testing wanted to make, even. The police hesitated for days, in case of violation of strict religious Jews against the right of Assembly to intervene. Meanwhile, the government with the help of the army the measures in the ultra-Orthodox communities.

The city of Bnei Brak with 200’000 inhabitants, was sealed off from the outside world. But instead of other places, where mostly ultra-Orthodox live, foreclose, announced Netanyahu on Monday evening, a complete curfew to Friday during the Jewish Passover for the whole country. Litzman is no longer recommended to continue to Pray – at home, in the synagogue – to combat the Virus: “We pray and hope. The Messiah will come to us from all the problems of this world to redeem you.”

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