Corona crisis will stop car sales


Car market Switzerland – corona crisis stops Autoverkäufe9382 new PW have been redeemed in April in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As little as since the oil crisis in the 70s not more.Dieter Liechti4 Kommentare4Warten to the customers: The Mercedes-Benz dealership in Steinhausen.Mercedes-Benz

Like auto-schweiz, the Association of Swiss automobile import told your on Sunday, “is the cumulative market decline since the beginning of the year at 35.6 percent.” In Figures: While in the first four months of last year, 100 685 redemptions of new passenger cars were registered, whereas this year, only 64 834. “Since the beginning of the lock downs in the middle of March on an average working day, approximately 800 cars were less approved than usual,” explains spokesman Christoph Wolnik.

“The high share of Alternative drives from 21.2 percent in the first few months is encouraging,” writes car-Switzerland. And warns at the same time: “However, the course should be considered in the remainder of the year both demand and the availability of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids affected.” Background: “The corona of a crisis could lead to purchases in the coming months, more on cheaper models without an electric motor is resorted to.” In addition, the stock vehicle stock to “Plug” in Switzerland, due to production, is very low.

Enormous losses

suffered By the Lockdown dealers and importers to have an enormous sales losses. The months of March to June are the main months in the vehicle business. Not only in passenger cars, the monthly new registrations are typically higher than average for the year, but also in commercial vehicles. “Every final, every vehicle handover, the has not made to a dealer in the spring, is to catch up later in the year, scarcely more,” says Christoph Wolnik. The meet is also on the Corona-2020.

the hope of The dealers and importers is now on the Opening of the exhibition on 11. May. “Of course, in strict compliance with all Hygiene and safety regulations”, says Christoph Wolnik more. An appropriate protection concept. The revised market forecast of auto-schweiz for the redemption of new passenger cars in the year 2020 now stands at 240 000. This would correspond to a massive decline in year-on-year by around 23 percent. With such a result is the worst car of the year would be 2020 for four and a half decades.

the Only Porsche in the Plus

Just a brand – in addition to the niche provider of BMW Alpina – in the first four months in spite of the corona-crisis Porsche. The sports car brand to be in comparison to the previous year by 13.8 percent to 991 sales. The worst decline by the end of April recorded by SsangYong: Sold to the South Koreans in 2019 in the first four months, after all, 191 vehicles, in this year only 3. In the case of the “Alternatives” to put in front of all the Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, while the pure Stromer recorded a small shock, and a decline of 11.9 percent. (lie)

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