Corona-cases of schools, especially cities, need to guard against local outbreaks so far, there were only very isolated cases of Corona cases in schools. The hardest grip of Basel, and sent about 70 people to the quarantine.Gregor Poletti7 Kommentare7Seit the 11. May there are again face to face teaching: children to meet in the Canton of Bern on the first day of Opening their school.Photo: Christian Pfander

Shortly after the Opening of the primary and secondary schools at 11. In may, there were already the first cases, such as in Cham, ZG, Reiden LU Suhr AG in Zurich under land or in the Canton of Bern. An Overview of where Covid-19-cases in schools occurring and what measures were taken, neither the Canton of doctors nor the Director of education conference. Also, the Federal office for health does not run the corresponding statistics.

in This case, such data quite information, such as what arrangements have could cast. Because dealing with the Coronavirus was very different. Two examples illustrate the various approaches:

Gentle Intervention: In the first week after the easing of the Lockdown in the Canton of Lucerne re has been tested to be a secondary school students a positive impact on Covid-19. He was sent to Isolation, quarantine of the affected seventh grade had not disposed of the Canton of doctor. Upon the Occurrence of a single case of a quarantine for a whole school class was not necessary, – said at the time, Roger Harstall. Experts assume that children are themselves hardly contagious. Nevertheless, the procedure is no longer worried many parents, they sent their children to the lessons. A press conference had to be convened, in order to calm the Situation. the Violent Intervention: Rigorously Basel was, as of two weeks ago it became known that a brother and sister pair had been infected. This attended the primary school or a kindergarten class at the Isaak-Iselin-school. The Canton of doctor Thomas Steffen decided, the two affected classes, part accompanied by at least one of the parents, as well as several teachers under quarantine, in total, over 80 people were up to 5. June in isolation. A quarantine was undoubtedly distressing for the victims, says Steffen today, but this protective measure was necessary. This is also because you can not determine the source of Infection have. And he feels by the fact that at the school, no further cases have occurred.
in Addition, Steffen, refers to the Basel-yet-present knowledge that you should take in case of doubt, rather broader measures. A nine-year-old Boy fell ill in 2003, of pulmonary tuberculosis. In books that children would not transmit the disease because they could not cough strong enough. Nevertheless, it was decided to clarifications in Basel for complex Environment, today it’s called Contact Tracing. According to Steffen, with the conclusion that there was evidence in this school, several dozen cases.

as for the future, warns of the Basel Canton of doctor Thomas Steffen: “We are particularly aware of the fact that Basel-city needs to proceed with its high population density in the current Phase is particularly prudent.” He assumes that it could come in the next few months to large Differences between rural areas and cities. Especially in densely populated regions and centers, the need to react faster and more vigorously, in order to prevent new outbreaks, or at least quickly contain.

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