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Born in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques on December 21, 1959, Corinne Touzet tried her luck as an actress by settling in Paris in 1981. Only one year after her arrival in the capital, she was selected for the casting of the series Marianne, a star for Napoleon in which she plays the role of Marianne d’Asselnat de Villeneuve. The series is then broadcast daily on Antenne 2.

In 1987, she was offered a first role on the big screen in the film La Rumba, directed by Roger Hanin alongside Michel Piccoli, Guy Marchand and Jean-Pierre Castaldi. But it was only 10 years later that she finally found success thanks to the series Une femme d’honneur where she played the main role of Lieutenant Isabelle Florent. From the first episode, the success is there with no less than 12 million viewers in front of their television set. With her newfound notoriety, she created her own production company called Corilan’s Productions in 2000. An important step in her life that allowed her to produce and act in her own TV movies. In total, she produced more than ten television films, including And tomorrow Paula, A Caribbean perfume, Nobody’s Child in 2005 or A mother for a heart in 2007. This year also marks the end of the series which propelled to the front of the stage.

After that, Corinne Touzet became increasingly rare on television. However, she returned in 2010 in the TF1 Interpol series before finally stopping filming. If the star has disappeared from the film sets, she has nevertheless chained the plays. In 2013, she was on stage in A special day then in A new start in 2015 and 2016. More recently, in 2019, she appeared in the play Maux d’amour by Dan Gordon.

For a few years, the actress Corinne Touzet has deserted television sets to devote herself to her new passion for the theater. Asked by DH in March 2017, the ex-star of A woman of honor had confided in her new life.

“The roles I’ve had for ten years are more beautiful than those I could have had before and I think they will be even more interesting in the next ten years. The more we advance, the thicker the roles. Obviously we everyone gets old, it’s not funny… but since I’ve been on stage, I’ve been really very happy. What I’ve been offered on television lately just didn’t interest me. is not a question of age but rather of imagination“, she explained.

In October 2019, the actress also confided that she had returned to Paris in October 2019. “Leaving my house on the heights of Cannes, which I loved deeply, was a huge sacrifice, because I was very happy there, too much even , suddenly this life was enough for me. I was fulfilled in this daily life in the middle of nature, far from the noises of the world. […] Suddenly coming back to Paris and finding myself confined to an apartment was at first very violent. Then I read all the books that I hadn’t had time to open, I sorted, cleaned, in my head as in my interior. had to go back to basics, separate myself from a lot of things, it was very painful, complicated, but it did me a world of good“, she confided to Gala this July 1, 2021.

During this previous interview, Corinne Touzet also confided in her latest breakup, which took place at the same time as her move. “There was indeed a breakup, but it was unrelated. It’s really a lifestyle choice,” she explained and added; “This is what undoubtedly played in the separation. I am very, and perhaps too much, independent and this solitary character is complicated to live for the other, I recognize it”.

Soon a year after her interview with Gala, has Corinne Touzet found love again? Back to our colleagues in an interview published on June 27, the actress and mother confided in her love life . “I have always been independent, except when I actually lived as a couple. I think that when we live together, we have to make sacrifices. Today, my freedom has become important, I do what I want. I I’m not sure I’ll be able to live as a couple again. But that’s not a lack”.

At 62, actress Corinne Touzet is the proud mother of a daughter named Jeanne. Unlike her mother, the young woman in her twenties does not seem to be following the same path as the actress. Jeanne studied arts and fashion at ESMOD (Ecole Supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode) in Paris.

In 2014, Corinne Touzet confided in her role as a mother in the columns of Télé 7 jours. “I made sure she wasn’t a spoiled brat,” she explained and added. “I’m too maternal. But for two years, I’ve been learning to let go so that she can fully live her life as a young woman. It’s difficult, because I only have one child”.

This Monday, June 27, Corinne Touzet is making her comeback on television. After having played in the fiction Joséphine guardian angel, in December 2020 on TF1, the actress invites herself to Camping Paradis where she replies to Laurent Ournac by playing her mother-in-law Martine. A new role for the sexagenarian, approached for the “fourth” time by the flagship series, as she admitted to Télé Loisirs.

“But the other roles were less interesting. There, it was not a simple appearance. I play Martine, the mother of Stéphanie [Juliette Chêne, NDLR], who is pregnant. This is the first time that she meets Tom, her future son-in-law. She was supposed to arrive with her husband, but this is not the case in the end. And she decides to lie about the reason for her absence”. Before discovering the secrets around this lie, Corinne Touzet returned to the atmosphere of the shoot, which was “very relaxed, family, like the series”, she said in Télé 7 Jours.

Before returning to his role and his collaboration with the hero of Camping Paradis and finalist of Mask Singer 2022. “Laurent Ournac, who was also behind the camera, was charming, attentive… We were able to discuss my character. I didn’t want to play a surly mother-in-law, too pathos. I wanted to make her a cool woman, good natured and happy to participate in activities like this sports competition”, evoking the Olympiads that will punctuate this double episode to discover this evening on TF1.