Corinne Masiero fans know it, the 58-year-old actress is far from having her tongue in her pocket. Not shy for a penny, the star of Capitaine Marleau on France 2, does not hesitate to break the codes during social events. This is how on February 24, 2020, she made a very noticeable appearance on the red carpet of the Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival).

Accompanied by actress and humorist Blanche Gardin, the star mimed a rather obscene scene in front of the photographers present for the occasion. But the companion of Nicolas Grard did not stop there since she also lifted her sweater, thus revealing her bra. This is not a first for the actress since at the 9th edition of the Magritte du Cinéma in February 2019, she had already also unveiled her underwear.

More recently, during the Césars ceremony in 2021, the actress appeared totally naked on stage, disguised in bloody donkey skin. An astonishing staging to denounce the situation of the cultural sector.

Planet invites you to discover in photos all the times Corinne Masiero has been unleashed on the red carpets.