The Reform of copyright law at a European level prior to the Failure, provisionally at least. Since the member countries of the EU are unable to agree for the negotiations with the EU Commission and the EU Parliament on a common Position, has been canceled for today, Monday, scheduled to Meet in the so-called Trialogue. The governments of eleven countries (Belgium, Germany, Finland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia) have joined the Hear the after a of Romania, submitted a compromise proposal. Romania holds the presidency of the Council.

The governments argue the same, that was also in the European Parliament wrestled with: article 11 of the copyright Directive, a recovery establishes the right of publishers for the display of whole texts and shorter snippets of text; article 13 makes Internet companies such as Youtube for copyright violations that take place on the Portal, be liable to, you, to take precautions against copyright infringement, and proposes to conclude licensing agreements with rights holders. The Federal government wants to allegedly assert that such a liability regime, firms are excluded up to an annual turnover of twenty million euros, the proposal of the EU Commission and EU Parliament, an exemption for companies with an annual turnover of up to tens of millions of euros.

Only a few people during protests

Before the trilogue negotiations began, had voted by the EU Parliament last autumn for the copyright amendment of articles 11 and 13. An example was lots of Mail and phone call campaign, a targeted and machine-increased Lobbying over the net, Youtube was, in turn, in November, a campaign will follow, in which the group is startled by the users with the horror message, Youtube had to stop its service in Europe, more or less, the adoption of the copyright Directive.

The Protest in the street of an alleged mass movement of the, allegedly, for the freedom of the Internet, held, and holds, however, in very manageable limits. Is supported since the latest of the “Anonymous”collective, but the effect is much like the “Day of Action” showed last Saturday, for the whole of Europe announced demonstrations. Eight rallies should take place in Poland, and fifteen in other EU countries, thereof two in Germany. In August of last year, around thirty such events had attracted just eight hundred people. There is much to suggest that the anonymous organizers of the new demonstrations come from Poland. There, the protests were advertised in the summer of 2018 under the slogan “StopActa2”, so the Slogan is now. The spectrum of the protests of the “Stopacta2” is wide-ranging, and confused. It ranges from the Protest against mass surveillance, corruption, globalization, or up to a call against slavery.