A Colombian ex-congressman, was last month sentenced to a prison sentence of 15 years for fraud in the elections, but on Tuesday, she is gone. Aída Merlano (43) did it in a way that is straight out of a movie, it may come up during a visit to the dentist she climbed out of the window by means of a rope. An accomplice on a motorcycle disguised as a worker at a takeaway was her waiting for him.

Merlano was the end of 2018 elected, but it was on the radar of the Colombian government. It soon became apparent that they have refined the way the votes had been purchased in order for the parliament to enter the house.

a search warrant on its headquarters, have found people millions of Colombian pesos, and are as follows: It is a member of parliament, was, after its condemnation, be the first politician in the country who are put in jail for fraud.

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It is not clear as to why it was allowed for them to go to an orthodontist if, however, in the practice of the dentist and brought them to her to help out. Merlano tied with a rope in a closet, and climbed out of the window.

The group is being investigated by the police. There was a reward of 50 million pesos (eur 13 000) awarded to the person who can provide information on the whereabouts of the mp.

The spectacular way in which they have adopted and the vehicle is a scooter, a take-away restaurant – they wegvluchtte, has been the subject of quite a bit of your on the social media.

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