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The blogger world’s most famous , that turns to gold or in the center of international attention each and every product that touches or gets, the re-roll. is Chiara Ferragni (32 years), entrepreneur, digital and blogger followed by 20.4 million of fans in Instagram, arouses great controversy by visiting the Uffizi gallery, the famous museum of Florence , with one of the oldest and richest art collections in the world, where she was an exceptional cicerone to the director of the pinacoteca, Eike Schmidt .

The influencer, who earns € 52,000 for each post , posed in different rooms, the museum is closed for a photo shoot for the magazine “Vogue Hong Kong” . Perhaps even here the news could be considered as an operation of marketing, with a question and a problem: if the museum has taken advantage of the Ferragni to be advertising in the world in these times of coronavirus without tourists, or, on the contrary, it has been the blogger who has benefited greatly from the Uffizi gallery, taking in account that it was not a simple visit, but for a proper operation of marketing in the who is a teacher.

The famous blogger, in the halls of the Uffizi gallery in florence – ABC

The case has raised an end to the controversy , becoming trendic topic the word Uffizi in Twitter , when the florentine museum has published a photo on Instagram Chiara Ferragni in front of the famous painting “The birth of Venus”, Sandro Botticelli . The Uffizi gallery in florence published a text which establishes a comparison between the Ferragni and Simonetta Vespucci, the protagonist of the canvas of the painter renaissance: “The aesthetic canons change with the centuries -writes the museum in your account of Instagram-. The feminine ideal of the woman with blonde hair and clear skin is an ideal typical in vogue in the Renaissance. Expressed masterfully in the late FIFTEENTH century by Sandro Botticelli in “The birth of Venus” across the face, probably identified with that of the beautiful Simonetta Vespucci , his contemporary, a noblewoman of genoese origin, beloved by Giuliano de ‘ Medici, younger brother of Lorenzo the Magnificent and worshipped by Sandro Botticelli, enough to become your inspiring muse. Today, he continues the post of the Uffizi gallery in florence, the Italian Chiara Ferragni was born in Cremona, embodies a myth for millions of followers, a kind of divinity contemporary in the social era. The myth of Chiara Ferragni, divided between detractors fierce supporters and faithful, it is a sociological phenomenon that brings together millions of fans around the world, photographing a snapshot of our time”, concludes the text of the Uffizi.

Chiara Ferragni, along with the director of the Uffizi, Eike Schmidt – ABC

the post of The florentine museum has been untied a sea of controversy , which are divided substantially into two: criticisms of the Uffizi, which are in the majority; others, though minority, support the Ferragni. Most of the commentators focus their attention on the true meaning of the operation: pure marketing . “How dare the Uffizi to compare a work as the “Venus” of Botticelli with a blogger?”. Supporters of the Ferragni replicated: “why all this hatred?” Very critical is shown by the art historian and writer Tomaso Montanari , against the Uffizi gallery in florence, for “the Venus Chiara reduces to Botticelli to a lot of controversy on social. Montanari explains: “it Remains clear one thing: the problem is not The Chiara Ferragni, the problem are the Uffizi. The blogger of Cremona does its job, and does it quite well. But the question is: Is it fair, sensible, wise, the Uffizi put all his art and its history at the service of the Ferragni?”

The art critic does not approve the decision of the florentine museum, by considering that it has banalized to Botticelli : “Many teenagers have flocked to the Uffizi to see the Ferragni -writes Montanari in “Il Fatto” – but not even one will go to the Uffizi because has been the Ferragni. So the Uffizi become exactly what you have chosen to be: The bottom (momentary) of a blogger”. However, others believe that also the Uffizi is took advantage with your marketing operation: it has been put in the foreground to the Uffizi, a museum that has had a social change sensational in the last few months: thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, above all, Tik Tok , the Uffizi gallery in florence have attained a popularity unprecedented.