Because of the controversial business of the Chairman of the Wiesbaden CDU-town hall group, Bernhard Lorenz came back to relations, from his office. To his successor, Bernd Wittkowski determined, as group managing Director Gunnar told Koerdt.

He had to protect because of the months-long ongoing accusations of his family and the upcoming mayor election campaign does not want to burden, Lorenz headed to the grounds.

suspected of accepting an advantage

a Few days earlier, had already been announced, Lord mayor of Wiesbaden, Sven Gerich (SPD), not again for the Post. The Prosecutor’s office determined, among other things, on suspicion of accepting an advantage against the 44-year-old man.

Who’s pulling instead of the court for the social Democrats in the election campaign, is still open. For the German CDU in the city of prescribed Eberhard is Seidensticker’s go to the races. The new Lord mayor of Hessen’s state capital is on the 26. May chosen.