Controversial proposal: Scheuer emergency brake pulls in the speed limit-armed


    The emotional debate after the announcement of the first Considerations of the government Commission on the mobility of it and upsetting the tight schedule of the Commission. After the excitement of proposals, such as significantly higher gasoline and diesel taxes, as well as a speed of 130 km on highways, the Federal Ministry of transport said on Tuesday, a Meeting of the working group 1 of the “National platform for future mobility”, which should take place on Wednesday.

    Kerstin Schwenn

    business correspondent in Berlin.

    F. A. Z.

    It is the rejection justified, officially, with the “coordination of the Work of all working groups”. In the Letter to the participants: “the work of The working group 1 is very important to us and should ignore the media coverage continued.” A new date will be announced soon. In the Commission representatives of industry, IG Metall, ADAC, auto industry, railway, environmental and local associations up to the end of March to develop proposals for how transport sector can contribute to Achieving the climate protection goals by 2030.

    “The government Commission on the mobility brought about by the targeted puncture of emotionally charged individual proposals and the Overreaction of the Federal transport Minister in troubled waters,” said Dirk Flege, managing Director of the German pro-Rail Alliance and a member of the climate working group. Trust must now be rebuilt. In the internal paper says that the proposals were the “first orientation”, but these were not associated with pre-determined specifications.