for The wealthy family, Sackler, after whom-in the US, a survey associated with opioid dependence, it would be up to a billion dollars have funneled into Swiss bank accounts. This is evident from the judicial records.

The Sacklers and their company, Purdue Pharma, have been trying for a while to come to a settlement in the more than 2,000 lawsuits in connection with the opiatencrisis in the United States of america.

The state attorney general of New York, Letitia James, who will be involved in the negotiation of the settlement, and allows the family to have the money to overzette in order not to have to use it for this.

According to the magazine Forbes has been in the family for more than 13 trillion from the sale of the high-strength painkiller OxyContin. It is considered the drug of the American verslavingscrisis with it in the first place.

“but Sacklers is the victims attempt to shed light on and resolve to continue to avoid, deny, we will make sure that the courts are misused in an attempt to provide them with financial misconduct to conceal,” says James in a statement.

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