the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to improve after massive criticism of plans for the automatic control of Diesel-driving bans in the privacy. The Cabinet decided on Wednesday a draft Amendment to the road traffic act. Therein it is specified that there should be random checks. In addition, the collected data is to be deleted in the future, at the latest two weeks after their initial survey. So far, six months were provided. This is clear from the draft, which the German press Agency was present. Previously, the Funke media group had reported about it.

the draft is now being discussed in the Bundestag. The Left-hand-traffic, a politician Ingrid Remmers criticized, Scheuer wants to proceed with, under the guise of the Diesel-driving bans, the Expansion of a “massive surveillance infrastructure”.

the ADAC sees the proposed regulations, despite the improvements more critical. A license plate-Scanning to stay from the point of view of the ADAC problematic because it constituted a “serious interference with fundamental rights,” said Ulrich Klaus Becker, Vice-President for transport. “Instead, it should be acted with a sense of perspective and a case-specific monitoring to be the medium of choice –as it is also in the case of alcohol controls.”

car registration now online

The Federal Council had expressed “significant privacy concerns” against the planned by the Federal government automated number plate recognition in the control of the driving ban. An automated license plate recognition an attack in the area of protection of the fundamental right to informational self-determination, if the recorded data is not deleted immediately, it said in a statement. The scheme listed under arbitration and anlasslos all drivers and vehicles moving within limited zones. The draft law of the Federal government was rejected, but he is subject to approval.

Scheuer had rejected criticism already. The Federal government did not want “mass monitoring” of motorists. It is about sustainable solutions, which made the air better, and the mobility of citizens received. In many cities, courts have arranged prohibitions for older diesel vehicles.

motorists should, however, be able to in the future the rules of their registration online. The Cabinet decided on Wednesday morning, a regulation of the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), according to which the changes are to be approval and re-approval of vehicles, the Rewrite address in the future via the Internet. The Federal Council is subject to approval. The new rules will then take effect in the course of the year.