Since the beginning of 2023, many products have been subject to recalls. Reminder Conso, responsible for relaying products considered non-compliant by the brands, presents these recalled for all existing shelves in supermarkets and other businesses. On April 28, 2023, two cheeses were the subject of a file while other varieties were already recalled the day before. But, how much of the recalled products is cheese?

According to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, 839 products have been pinned since the beginning of 2023. In April, 186 products are concerned. The category most affected by these types of recalls is food. In addition, the family of products with the most recalled corresponds to that of milk and other dairy products such as cheese.

In 2023, there are 129 products in this category that are the subject of an alert. In the month of April, 24 foodstuffs are pinned. The majority correspond to recalls of cheeses. Discover in our slideshow below which cities are affected by this new recall.

On April 28, cow and sheep cheeses were affected. However, these products are not marketed in large supermarket chains. Indeed, these cheeses can be found in the markets. See our slideshow below to find out which markets are affected by this recall.

For sheep’s cheese, it is the dung from batch 97 dating from April 7 that is concerned. They were marketed from April 12 to April 17, 2023. A presence of salmonella was detected. If you have purchased this product, it is necessary to dispose of it. You can also get reimbursed.

For cow cheeses, it is fresh, semi-dry and dry cow cheese that are affected by a recall. All batches marketed between April 24 and April 28, 2023 may be toxic. Indeed, there is a suspicion of listeria for these products. It is necessary to destroy them if you have purchased these cheeses. You can also get reimbursed.

Discover in our slideshow below the cities that sell these cheeses in their market.