After the wreck of the cargo ship “MSC Zoe” before the Dutch and lower Saxony’s North sea coast could be a large part of the in a storm and lost cargo by means of sonar technology located. The Dutch Ministry for water economy, announced that 220 of 281 containers were located. 18 more containers had been rinsed on Land. Most in the North sea, the sunken Container to lie in a depth between 20 and 30 metres, and recovered.

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Political correspondent for lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Bremen, with its headquarters in Hannover.

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No clarity so far about the whereabouts of the two lost containers with dangerous goods. Of a dangerous goods Container with 1400 kilograms of Lithium batteries, each track is missing so far. The other dangerous goods-a Container with 7700 kg of Dibenzoyl peroxide is apparently broken in the North sea, because on the coast some 25-kg plastic bags of the chemical have been rinsed out. The Dibenzoyl peroxide should be released into the water, were only to be expected “very local impact on the marine environment,” said the German Central command for Maritime emergencies on Monday. A greater risk to marine organisms and the marine bottom fauna, when the fuel outlet on the beach. A sustainable damage, but it is to be feared in any case.

A large part of the Container is according to the authorities, in two Places on the shipping of the Dutch Wadden sea Islands route to the North of Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog as well as East of it, in the direction of the German island of Borkum. The ship traffic will not be hindered. With three Sonar ships and aircraft of the Dutch coast guard had sought in recent days to the containers. The salvage operation could take months. The Swiss shipping company MSC has agreed to assume the costs for cleanup and salvage. On some Dutch Islands in the North sea and on the East Frisian island of Borkum, there has been considerable pollution from stranded cargo. On Monday, it was rinsed in Borkum, however, much less lost cargo.