Faster, more convenient, contactless payment is increasingly used. This system, which is based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, makes it possible to exchange data between a reader, generally a payment terminal, and a mobile, either a bank card or a mobile phone.

To pay for a purchase, you no longer need to insert your card or enter your secret code: all you have to do is hold your wallet up to 3 or even 4 cm to pay for your baguette or your morning coffee.

To date, the maximum amount of a contactless payment is set at 50 euros per transaction. Be careful however: according to the National Consumer Institute, other ceilings are put in place by the various banking establishments. For instance :

These limits are put in place to limit the fraudulent use of your bank card, in particular in the event of loss or theft.

In addition, if you don’t use the “contactless” function of your card, ask your bank to deactivate it: this will save you from taking unnecessary risks… Because in everyday life, scammers redouble imagination to extract your savings.

With the help of a fake payment box or a well-disguised terminal, the thugs develop ever better-run scams. In our slideshow below, learn about the 5 most common contactless payment scams right now.