Consumer recall: contaminated oysters recalled by 8 supermarkets


If you had planned, like many French people, to eat oysters for New Year’s Eve, beware! Indeed, several batches of oysters are the subject of a voluntary recall across France. Oysters have been a delicacy for thousands of years. We owe oyster farming to the Chinese, for whom this shell had an important symbolism, in addition to being a very popular dish: their shell symbolized women and life. The first oyster farms therefore date back more than two thousand years before Jesus Christ, according to our colleagues from RTL.

Later, the Gauls introduced the practice to their territory. Since then, the popularity of oysters has never wavered: Henri IV and Louis XIV loved them, and they remain one of the most consumed dishes in France at Christmas and New Year.

These batches are recalled throughout France due to salmonella and norovirus contamination. This virus is very contagious, and is notably responsible for acute gastroenteritis in humans, according to Futura. If you ingest these oysters, the symptoms you risk are not among the most pleasant: diarrhea and vomiting are the key…

It is therefore advisable to comb through the trays of oysters that you have purchased in order to bring the contaminated items back to the nearest supermarket concerned, and to benefit from a refund. Here are the references to identify:

To find out if you are affected, find the list of supermarkets affected by the recall below.