Construction industry has been reeling in crisis – On the construction of bankruptcies threaten the state more to build, construction companies are likely to react to the crisis with job cuts. Some will even go bankrupt, warns of the Swiss Federation of master Builders and calls for the investment of the Federal government, the cantons and the municipalities.Angelika Gruber8 Kommentare8Der Federation of master Builders calls for more investment in infrastructure, a construction site in Zurich.Photo: Urs Jaudas

The Swiss Federation of master Builders warns that in the light of the Corona-crisis job cuts and bankruptcies. To a should in the long-time boom in housing sector to inform the process of consolidation and the work go back, says Federation of master Builders-Director Benedikt Koch. “In the autumn and Winter we have to expect a reduction of Points, in particular, in the case of temporary employees.” Still, the immediate, the crisis affects the construction of office and commercial real estate. There, the Association expects a strong decline. “We have to assume that companies will go bankrupt,” says Koch, from the Swiss contractors Association (SBV).

surprise The pessimistic tones – in may, unemployment fell in construction. And finally, the construction of which was one of the few sectors that was able to work during the crisis. However, the image would, says cook. In Ticino, the construction sites were closed during the Lockdown completely in the Romandie, at least partially, and the SBB had set as a major customer of many of its activities temporarily.

In each of the cantons, it was concluded that in addition to delays in building permits, because many of the management were employees in the home office. “This is not even in the second quarter, because we can draw on from a worklist. The big challenge will be the third and the fourth quarter,” says cook.

First, corporate out Put

The tense situation in the industry is also reflected in the quarterly Swiss construction index the Credit Suisse together with the SBV, for the second quarter across all segments, a decline in sales of almost seven per cent. In commercial construction, the Minus is likely to be almost 17 percent higher.

Individual companies have already reacted: The Lucerne construction company Anliker, for example, rubbing, by the end of June, around 70 Points. “The reason is that we adapt to the future demand, especially in building construction to decline,” says Anliker-chief financial officer Roland Dubach. This is however not a new phenomenon by the Corona-crisis. These have accelerated the already existing mining plans of the company only. Other contractors could follow this example. Switzerland 500’000 Jobs in the construction industry – including planners-and the downstream construction industry.

construction companies hope for public contracts

the industry to support, demands the Federation of master Builders, the public sector invested in the infrastructure and as soon as possible to new requirements for the procurement-oriented: According to a revision of the law, not only the price is for the Supplement crucial in the future – so that automatically the cheapest supplier comes to the train, but also enhances the quality of an offer. The Association expects a paradigm shift and a the end of many construction companies to ruinous Price competition.

This could, however, lead to higher construction costs: The coordination Committee of the public builders, which includes the Confederation, the cantons and municipalities, is in a transition period from “higher spending”. In the medium to long term, will make the but, for example, by lower maintenance costs paid. “If, in the planning and construction of a building by higher investment, lower operating costs can be achieved during the life of the building, has paid off the Whole of the public sector, the bottom line financially,” explained the panel.

“Now is not the courage lost in the light of the Corona Situation is allowed to.”

Benedikt Koch, Director of the Federation of master Builders,

In the implementation of this Paradigm shift, the Confederation and the cantons follow very different schedules. At the Federal level, the Revision of the Federal law is decided on public procurement already and occurs at the beginning of 2021 in force. The cantons shall begin, however, only gradually in order: so Far, only Bern has initiated such a process. When the other cantons to follow suit, is open. “The schedule is in the competence of the individual cantons,” explains the Central coordination point of the construction, planning and environment Directors conference.

The Federation of master Builders takes too long. “The cantons should the Gas with a comprehensive and rapid application of the public procurement law. Now is not the courage may be lost in the face of the Corona-Situation” calls for Federation of master Builders, Director of cooking. Cantons and municipalities awarded in Switzerland, according to the Association, around two-thirds of all public works contracts – relative to their value. Accordingly, it is important for the Builder, the criteria according to which you do this.

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