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Conor McGregor isn’t any longer the vast majority owner of this whiskey brand he set, but the UFC celebrity has added to his growing fortune.

Twelve Irish whiskey in a deal worth around $600 million, either side advised the spirits trade book Shanken News Daily on Tuesday.

Proximo formerly held a 49% stake in the corporation. The $600 million goes to manufacturer co-founders McGregor, his representative Audie Attar of Paradigm Sports Management along with their spouse Ken Austin, who told the book that the amount contains the $250 million that the group earned from the new first couple of years in company with Proximo.

Proper No. Twelve was set in 2018 and was promoted aggressively by McGregor, the hottest celebrity in UFC history. Proximo’s new stake in the new wasn’t revealed, nor was that the period of this arrangement.

Mike Keyes, the Proximo CEO, advised Shanken News Daily that McGregor, Attar and Austin will keep an interest in the newest and keep active characters.

“I am only heating up the barrels ! What I have in store for you will not simply take Proper Twelve into the absolute pinnacle of Irish whiskey, but of spirits!”

Keyes and Austin advised Shanken News Daily the new deal will not change how Correct Twelve is promoted or its brand identity, together with McGregor still leading the way. Another major push is anticipated for its Irish whiskey about McGregor’s trilogy struggle with Dustin Poirier in UFC 264 on July 10 at vegas.

Austin stated McGregor wants Proper Twelve for a”multi-million case brand” and that he thinks it’s going to arrive.

“Since introducing this new together with Conor and his spouses two and a half years back, Appropriate No. Twelve was the most exciting new in the Irish whiskey category,” Keyes said. “The brand keeps growing at an unprecedented pace, and this arrangement reflects Proximo’s commitment to expanding its presence in the whiskey class as a whole.”