Conflict, US middle East plan – Netanyahu’s map is finished, Israel’s Premier to its annexation fleshed out for the first time, plans for parts of the West Bank. Criticism comes precisely from the settler movement.Alexandra Föderl-Schmid Tel Aviv1 Kommentar1Eine Region of unrest: A Palestinian protester throws stones against Israeli soldiers near the Jewish settlement of Bet El.Photo: Mohamad Torokman (Reuters)

annexing Recent statements of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggest that he implements his announcement, in fact, from July to parts of the West Bank. As a template of the beginning of the year, presented a middle East plan of the US President, Donald Trump is for him. In an Interview with the free newspaper “Israel Hajom” has now made Netanyahu for the first time, concrete information on his plans.

Annex Netanyahu wants the Jordan valley, a ten-kilometre-wide strip along the Jordanian border, which extends up to the middle of the dead sea. There are about 50’000 Palestinians live. You should not get Israeli citizenship. Cities such as Jericho, with about 23’000 inhabitants, should not be annexed, but as a Palestinian enclaves remain. There will be “one or two Cluster, one must impose Israeli sovereignty,” Netanyahu said. But the Israelis want the full security control of the territory as a whole.

A third of the West Bank is Israeli territory

Whether or not Palestinians could be affected by expropriation of property should receive compensation, is not clear. About a third of the area of the Jordan valley, is owned by Palestinian individuals. The US will see the implementation of the Plan, would be around 30 per cent of the previous area of the West Bank Israeli territory. This also includes those areas where the approximately 120 settlements with your 400’000 inhabitants belong.

Trump promises to the Israelis, that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel and that the Palestinians should get a capital in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The Palestinians are made in return for billions in aid in view. After a minimum of four years of negotiations, a separate state should be realized if a number of conditions are met. This would have to be “the Palestinian Canadians”, has US Ambassador David Friedman explained, alluding to the proverbial pacifism in the U.S.-neighbors. Friedman is a strong supporter of the annexation plans.

In the Interview, Netanyahu told frankly that the US had declared the Diplomat, it will anyway never be a Palestinian state – a maximum of “an entity, the Trump as a state-defined”. In fact, a Palestinian state would be, according to the US Plan from a series of non-connected areas, which could be achieved only through Israeli territory slopes. As compensation for the annexed areas in the West Bank for the Palestinians to isolated areas in the Negev are provided desert on the border with Egypt. Between the West Bank and the Gaza strip, a connection should be built by a Tunnel or a road on stilts. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has now resigned in Protest against the annexation plans of all agreements with Israel and the United States.

Netanyahu responded in the Interview on the criticism of settlers to the Plan. In the past, the withdrawal from the 1967 occupied territories had been requested by Israel, as well as the division of Jerusalem and a right of return for Palestinian refugees. “This Plan provides to the contrary. Not one of us will require that we give up Land, but the Palestinians,” said Netanyahu. In addition, the Palestinians would have to finally acknowledge, “the fact that we are the ones who regulate the security for the whole area dictate”.

It is surprising that the settler has movement in Israel to the forefront of those who reject the US Plan. The Siedlerrat has launched this week a campaign with the aim of preventing the Plan. Their representatives encounter in front of the goal, that once a Palestinian state is to be erected. In addition, they complain that in 15 settlements would be as isolated enclaves.

European governments against the annexation plans

not give up, While some pragmatists in the settlement movement, prefer the implementation of the Plan and a Palestinian state in any case, this is an unrealistic perspective, especially some of the ideologues their Vision of a “big Israel”. Avraham Schvut, one of the first settlers in the West Bank, even goes so far as to claim that the US greater middle East plan was no more dangerous than the Oslo agreement, because a Palestinian state would be accepted.

The settlers are supported in their resistance by Netanyahu’s former coalition partner, the Jamina-party. As the only politician from their ranks Rafi Peretz remained in the government, and promises: “We will extend the Israeli sovereignty with full force, but we will allow under any circumstances that a Palestinian state will be built.”

Several heads of state and government from Europe, including those from France, great Britain, Italy, and Spain, Netanyahu is written in the past few days, letters with the request to waive the annexation plans. Netanyahu’s spokesman did not want to comment on.

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