In the conflict to the government to a standstill in the United States, the White house is preparing, according to a media report, an emergency Ordinance, with the help of the American President Donald Trump the Congress could evade, one should not agree the financing of the construction of the wall on the border to Mexico. The television channel CNN, citing internal documents of the Trump government.

in it, therefore, means that potential funds had been identified in the amount of more than seven billion dollars, which could be used for the construction of the wall. The majority of this money will be spent at the Pentagon. Also with the expropriation of the land owners along the border, the Trump could begin government, told the TV station.

A controversial measure

“The huge number of foreigners that enter the country every day illegally in the United States, threatened in a direct way, the Prosperity and security of our Nation and represents a national emergency,” according to CNN, in a draft of the Declaration of Trumps. The Text had only been in the last week, updated, reports the Sender and refers to a member of staff of the White house.

Trump had threatened in the budget dispute several times already in order, a national emergency to declare. However, this step is controversial – even in his own party, the Republicans.