Inside our homes, we seemingly produce a lot of waste. Most, fortunately, can be recycled in order to fight global warming. With this in mind, since January 1st, we all have to sort our trash at source. Bio-waste such as egg shells, coffee grounds, cut flowers, fruit and vegetable peelings and cores must now all be composted in accordance with instructions given by the government.

Now that the measure has been launched: what foods should not be used? Here’s everything you need to know on the subject.

According to Muriel Bruschet, the national biowaste representative within Ademe, there will be no composting obligation for this year 2024, recalls the PleineVie site.

What is the role of communities: local authorities have the obligation to put in place equipment to facilitate basic sorting in households in order to revalue them. In short: it is these communities, including the municipalities, which are responsible for offering the population solutions to enable them to sort and compost their waste.

The national biowaste representative explains that 2024 is a milestone year before definitive implementation. However, she confides that in 2021, with the implementation of the recovery plan and the green fund, there has been strong demand from these local authorities. However, as of January 1, not all municipalities have not been able to offer solutions for sorting and composting to their citizens… Here are their alternative solutions:

Separate collection is one of the recommended solutions. There is talk of providing households with an additional bin and dump trucks will come and collect them as for other bins.

The second option is the voluntary drop-off point which consists of placing collective bins as for glass. Everyone will have to throw away all their bio-waste, explains the site.

Finally, the third solution consists of distributing individual composters to all households so that each person composts at home. Once a solution is in place, those who do not respect it will have fines to pay.

Below, in our slideshow, are the 12 waste items that should definitely not be put in your compost bin: