Competitive advantage in the market – Swiss products to simple geographical indications are protected in Swiss brands in the future can be more easily registered. The Federal Council wants to accede to an international agreement.2 Kommentare2Die brand “Bündnerfleisch” from the other by their geographical origin.Photo: Keystone

“Zuger Kirschtorte”, “Bündnerfleisch”, or “Tête de Moine”: Geographical indications in Swiss brands in the future can be protected. The Federal Council requested that the Geneva act of the Lisbon agreement on appellations of origin to join.

He has passed on Friday, the Embassy for approval and implementation to the attention of the Parliament. Switzerland joins the international agreement, should be able to sign up Swiss producers in the future, geographical indications, with a simple process in many countries at the same time for protection.

the ratification of the Geneva act would result in the Swiss trademark protection act is complemented by a few points, such as registration, permissions, and rules on fees and skills.

Easily and conveniently

Today, Swiss producers, for the protection of their geographical indication in any country must submit a separate application. The new System was straightforward and cheap, writes the Federal Council.

Geographical indications for products such as “Rigi cherry” or the word “Swiss” for watches in the global market is an important competitive advantage, writes the Federal Council in the Embassy. They protected area name and traditional names of products, their quality and main would features due to their geographical origin. This includes the cherry-tree plantations, which are for the Central Switzerland Region typical of, or to the dairies in the Mediterranean country.

No resistance in the process of

a year Ago, the Federal Council opened the consultation process for the template. All had supported the international Treaty unanimously, why he had not made any Changes to the draft law any more, say it in the message.

The Lisbon agreement for the protection of appellations of origin and their international registration of 1958, the Switzerland is not a member, is administered by the world intellectual property organization (WIPO). The agreement was revised for 2015 by the adoption of the Geneva act, which provides for, in particular, the extension of the system to all geographical indications.

is one of the major innovations that the System will be extended to all geographical indications such as “Swiss” or “Appenzeller” at the “Appenzeller Mostbröckli”, and not only on the designation of origin, such as “apricot brandy accompanied by” the fruit of fire from the Valais apricot is limited.

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