It is not easy to be a man. This has now also recognized the science. Because traditional men are images, according to the American Psychological Association (APA) is harmful, has produced a guide for psychologists, as this tormented species to deal with: the “Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men”. Previously, there were only guidelines for dealing with Homosexuals, ethnic minorities, TRANS people and girls and women. To the men simply, no one had even thought of. Now justice for you finally.

All psychologists are now prepared for the case that a man should stand in front of your door. So, a real man, of the Saturdays in the sweaty t-shirt to the hardware store drives, and a professional-rotary hammer buy. The type, a razor blade manufacturer wanted to withdraw from the grill of rights, what is the castration anxieties of some of the other dogs stirred up. This man should be pulled out of the swamp of toxic masculinity in which he suhlte itself so far satisfied. According to the researchers, it is dedicated to the demise, if he results in without a struggle to his social role. Everything Female in and around despising, he shows no weakness, addiction, adventure, risk and violence, always ready to compete with rivals in love. In the strict corset of his ideology caught, and he’s already in the class room by the girls intellectually overtaking and is about to disturb the peace.

Begins to sprout, the students of yesteryear only to the Beard, he is already a candidate for the prison: He and his ilk in Germany, 94 per cent of those serving custodial sentences. However, not only the justice deprived the man of his years, even nature does the rest. Because to die top of that, men, on average, five years earlier than women. Since it is only a small consolation that they still have more social and economic Power.