Commentary to the emergence of Switzerland – Swiss’s history with Petra GössiDer President of the FDP are 172 years of liberal-minded Switzerland is not ambitious enough.Opinion Markus Häfliger0 comment from lead here are three Liberal-the oath of rütli? For Petra Gössi this is not a question.Image: Heinrichr Füssli / the Kunsthaus Zürich

A healthy self-awareness of a politician counts for FDP to the requirement profile. And so for each of the standard repertoire of liberal party days heard of the note, the liberals have established in Switzerland.

Until now, the FDP identified the location of its constituent act, mostly in 1848. But for party leader Petra Gössi 172 years of liberal-minded Switzerland are not ambitious enough. In an Editorial in “Opinione liberale”, the Party newspaper of the Ticino FDP, describes Gössi, Switzerland, as a country, “the 1291 by the FDP-liberal” was founded.

the FDP has been a part 1291 of the Federal letter, revolutionized the writing of history. To the source location Gössi does not comment but, unfortunately, yet. This opens the field for speculation: Has found
the outgoing FDP General Secretary Samuel Lanz clean up his office, the FDP-party books by Werner Stauffacher, Walter Fürst and Arnold of Melchtal?

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