Commentary to DAK-advertising: Best intentions


    Grumbling and Cursing, is a popular leisure time behavior in the Internet, which is in his mental in addition to follow slowly recognizable. Treatable it is not so far. The Patient says: I have Twitter. The doctor says: I can’t settle. And it’s happening again.

    It is generally known that it would be beautiful on earth, if the people would have better manners. So far, the right incentives are missing. The social networks that they wanted to deliver, have taken over and the clean-up work, the health insurance companies themselves want to make it better. “Hate, shitten, shamen, trolls,” announces the German employees ‘ health insurance on a new advertising poster, “make us sick.” We are still a community of values: All want to be healthy. And: good. Be healthy, says the moral philosophy section of the DAK, it will be topped in the eternal hierarchy of values, of goodness even. So, concludes the Fund: let’s be good.

    You have not learned this, probably from the Federal government, it is sufficient that the citizens live safely and comfortably in Germany, but also well – liked, such as the Chancellor adds. The new campaign by the DAK as a Signal of the will to assume a moral leadership role in the Federal Republic of Germany, or as an indication that the psychological consequences of network use for the coffers are slowly expensive. Facebook and Twitter are Yes the clinical psychology, in spite of relevant studies is still not clear as pathogens classified (the material substance) is missing, you can’t ban so easily, even though they have pointed to the associated with their use dangers to human health. It was only underestimated again and again, what does it mean when it said: “This is now going viral.” Now to fight with the consequences, and even more effort for the Good and the not realize, despite the best intentions in the past always easy to. What the Good is, and how to promote it, leaves open the cash register. That they has in the fight against Evil more success than the networks that is your wish, but probably not more likely than a statement to the press from Karius and Baktus with the Tenor: we, Too, have made mistakes.