Germany is celebrating this year anniversary. The economy is growing also in 2019, would continue the upswing in ten years. As a Golden decade that has brought Germany, record employment and an unprecedented level of affluence, would be the period since the world economic crisis in 2009, then in the history books. Whether it will happen?

just a few months ago there was no doubt about it. To 2.5 percent, the German economy will grow, and had predicted most of the economists a year ago. Twelve months later, they sound very different, the past year has disappointed your expectations. In the summer, the German economy has shrunk because of the difficulties of the car industry, in the whole year they increased by a maximum of 1.5 percent. In a similar speed it will go further, say the economists. Low unemployment, zero interest rate policy of the European Central Bank, as well as the highly competitive export economy in favour of the guarantors. The shortage of skilled workers and greatly underutilized capacities, however, inhibit the development.

The cautious optimism of economic analysts, however, is in contradiction to the development in the stock markets. In Germany and the United States, the trend for months, down, the losses are far more than a brief course correction. Investors are so skeptical to the development of the world economy since the crisis of autumn 2008. The surveys of the Bank of America show. More than half of the respondents expect in the next twelve months with a global economic downturn.

Solid growth prospects and greater uncertainty

in the company’s prospects deteriorate. The Ifo business climate index is four times fell one after the other. And although the world economy will expand this year, according to forecasts by the OECD was 3.7 per cent, declining in many industrial countries the level of trust in the growth.