Francis is actually a man of the team sports. The Interaction, the joint effort, to Forget, to Overcome even Differences and animosities in the game – this is the image from the Sport of the Pope. “God wants you to play in his team”, he called in the pulpit, and the soccer anthem “You’ll never walk alone” to the faith of promise made.

And now, although there are at least eight football teams at the Vatican and St. Peter’s Cricket Club, runners to the first national team of the Church state. Athletica Vaticana, sixty members strong, has been added on Thursday to the National Olympic Committee of Italy (Coni). What are the prospects there! Giovanni Malagò painted in his function as a member of the International Olympic Committee, such as the small country shows at Olympics, his yellow-and-white flag with the keys of Peter. And flattered as the President of the Coni, with the fear that the Team of the Vatican could, of all things, snatch, Italy a medal.