on the one Hand, Donald Trump certainly has a reason to mock about critics who call his abrupt command to withdraw from Syria, “surprisingly”. Because the President has promised the return of the Americans for a long time. Even when he left it months ago, once again making excuses to leave the Russians, Iranians, Turks, jihadists and Assad’s Regime in the field of battle, the President made no secret of its Doubts as to the meaning of the Mission. On the other hand, his government proposed by the Pentagon to the State Department last completely different tones. Also, the National security adviser, John Bolton gave slogans: America is not going soft in Syria until the last Iranians have left the country. For Washington’s Partner, the lesson is, once again: What is Trump gives the chatter of his Ministers?

when’s the last like an American commander-in-chief so lonely such a momentous decision of this kind? Answer: in August of 2013. The country concerned was, at the time, Syria, and the President, but Barack Obama was – and the staff could only marvel, as the President of a walk of determination returned, after the use of chemical weapons, Assad with his “red line” not to use military means to enforce. If Trump doesn’t want to have also true: whenever he converts footsteps of the primacy of the “reconstruction home” summons or annoying on the role of “world policeman” shaking off, in Obama’s. So, he follows a President who announced after two years in office joyfully to the withdrawal of the last Americans out of Iraq, and then overlooked, as there IS conquered a “Caliphate”.

a Barack Obama would not be so fool-hardy as Trump, to explain the retreat from Syria, in a reversal of the reality of a burden for Iran, Russia and Assad, which would now need to fight without American help, the (supposedly already defeated). However, a new continuity of American foreign policy more clearly than ever, that is not a Lord in the White house, from the exhortations of the German foreign Minister cast out. The “surprised” Berlin would do well on the next stage. Because who wants to bet that Trump defies a long time his Intuition and American soldiers in Afghanistan leaves?