Thomas Bellut really is sent. His Motto: Constant dripping wears away the stone. Although I have to say, in the case of the bill, the ZDF Director is doing the broadcasting contribution: a Steady drop increases the apparent. It reinforces the apparent evidence of the mantra, the Director of the public broadcasting service have always been on-the-go: We need more money, otherwise we can’t provide our program performance. Therefore, an increase in the broadcasting contribution, call the representative Institution of “adjustment” was inevitable. The BR-Director Ulrich Wilhelm says it, since he is the ARD Chairman. So there is said last, the Directors and committees of heads of the Hessian and of the West German radio. And so it is said Thomas Bellut at the beginning of December, when he presented the Figures for the ZDF for 2019.

and he brought the figure into the game, which he repeated in an Interview: At least 18,35 Euro per month, the contribution would have to rise. Because of the “actual contribution” calculator sun have now in this sum. Because the transmitter “may currently use the reserve, which was created after the changeover to the broadcast fee, the fee is according to our calculation, real already 18,35 Euro”. This was “the real basis of value. Anything less would be a clear cut which could be due to large savings in the program provided,“ said Bellut, the German press Agency.

More targeted conceptual confusion, not at once: At the reserve, namely, the Bellut speaks, it’s to just under EUR 1.6 billion, which have received the station in the years 2013 to 2016, according to the assessment of the fee Commission Kef beyond their actual needs and on blocked accounts had to be set. Since 2017, you are allowed to use up these reserves. This enables the ZDF, for example, to make in the coming year, with revenue of 2,199 billion euros of expenditure of 2,362 billion euros. With the money from the reserve, the transmitter compensates for the budget.